Márcio André vs. Paulo Miyao at the 2016 Euro. Ivan Trindade
Márcio André vs. Paulo Miyao at the 2016 Euro. Ivan Trindade

The IBJJF’s European Championship will kick-start the official BJJ calendar between the 17th and 22nd of January. Naturally, two-time European champion Marcio André (2015/16) wants a third title, but this time as a lightweight.

Seeking new challenges, he opted for a new weight class and plans to soar higher in 2017. Here’s what he has to say about his plans.

On the reason for the change:

“I’ve always suffered to fight at featherweight, due to having to cut weight, and this time I chose to move up. I’ve always wanted to fight the athletes from lightweight; I feel comfortable at this weight. When I was a brown-belt, for example, I fought at lightweight a few times, and it was good. I like challenges, and I’d also like to fight many athletes of this weight class. I want to test myself in this new category until the Worlds.”

On one final appointment before a potentially permanent move:

“I still have to seek my world title, and I want it to be at featherweight. Afterward, maybe I’ll start only fighting as a lightweight.”

On preparation:

“I spent the holidays with my family; it was great being with them. I managed to maintain good nutrition, but with a few exceptions. I’ve been able to direct my own training, and I have a good plan — that makes me confident. I strive not to get stalled in my training, and I let my jiu-jitsu flow. The sessions get interesting.”

[Based on a press release.]

Source: GracieMag