Andre Galvao black belt Keenan Cornelius and Danaher Death Squad member Gordon Ryan got into a little social media beef before the weekend started.

Keenan apparently doesn’t think many people nowadays are doing enough to prove they’re the best.

Ryan – well-known for his fights both on and off the mats – did not take kindly to Keenan’s post.

Do you think you’re cool? Is that it? Strutting around in pajamas acting all tough. Wearing a black belt and all. What you even a black belt In? Being a big silly?

To which Keenan Cornelius replied:

Pajamas matter!

I’m better in pajamas so I need to validate them to the public to feel good about myself.

Keenan then put up a post on Instagram insisting that gi was better than no-gi because a person who practices gi can simply take it off and be good at no-gi. No-gi fighters, however, cannot put a gi on and roll well.

Instagram Photo

Though he didn’t name and names, the Instagram post was almost certainly a shot at Gordon, who competes exclusively in no-gi and recently turned down a gi fight against Gracie Barra Northridge’s Felipe Pena.

Gordon Ryan and Keenan Cornelius have met on the mats before. Late last year, the two battled it out in a no-time-limit, no-gi match that lasted 90 minutes.  It was only after Ryan sank in a heel hook that their war finally came to an end.

But with the latest batch or trash-talk between Ryan and Cornelius, could we see these guys facing off again in the not-too-distant future?

Only time will tell.


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