Things are looking up for Nevada athletes after the announcement that the Nevada State Athletic Commission may remove cannabis from their banned substances list. This follows the recent state move to legalize cannabis as a recreational substance in the Nevada ballot initiative back in November.

The announcement could spell changes in how Nevada athletes will be policed, especially athletes in combat sports like mixed martial arts and boxing. This move is also significant considering that the World Anti-Doping Agency still classifies cannabis as a banned substance, a stance adopted by the United States Anti-Doping Agency, the same agency that enforces the anti-doping policies in the UFC.

Nevada has a track record of strict implementation of anti-doping policies, enforcing strict fines and suspensions on athletes who tested positive for cannabis and other banned substances. The discussion, which is set to be held on Friday, could finally overturn the state weed ban and allow free use of the substance among the state’s top athletes.

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